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Jem Strip 427 is a powerful immersion
paint remover that quickly strips painted,
powder-coated and e-coated surfaces.

Paint Stripper Strips Metal, Wood and Some Plastics

Highly potent and effective, JEM STRIP 427 takes off paint and powder coatings, including hard-to-remove Teflon and epoxy primer. It works on aluminum, zinc, magnesium, titanium, stainless steel and high-strength steel without causing corrosion. It even removes burned-on carbon, and is safe for wood and some plastics. READ MORE about Jem Strip.

Paint Stripper Safe for the Environment and Your Crew

Paint Stripper Gets the Job Done Fast

JEM STRIP 427 is easy on the environment but tough on liquid and powder coatings. Just drop the parts you want stripped into an immersion tank and in a short time they'll be paint free. The powerful formulation allows you to quickly complete even the most challenging jobs. READ MORE about Jem Strip.

Paint Stripper Meets MILSPEC Standards

JEM STRIP 427's formula meets the MILSPEC performance standards of MILPRF83936C (Formerly MIL-R 83936) and complies with the specifications of Rolls-Royce OMat 1/226L, Lockheed 6.32.061, ASTM F-483 and other aeronautical and defense manufacturers and contractors.