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Jem Strip 427

This powerful remover has a 15% mineral oil seal, which floats on the top. The seal provides thermal insulation so less energy is required to maintain tank temperature. It increases the flash point to over
360 °F and significantly reduces evaporation and odor.

CLICK HERE for Jem Strip 427 technical data.
CLICK HERE for Jem Strip 427 tank maintenance.

Jem Strip 426

Identical to Jem Strip 427 but with no mineral oil seal, Jem Strip 426 is recommended when the stripper will be used at temperatures below 100 °F or when mineral oil is unnecessary. ItĚs ideal for replacing drag out and evaporation in tanks that already have enough mineral oil.

Jem Strip Additive 425

This additive is recommended for replacing evaporation and drag out in tanks that operate at temperatures between 150 °F and 180 °F. It is more than 90% N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP).

Jem Strip Additive 424

Jem Strip Additive 424 is the recommended additive for replacing evaporation and drag out in tanks that are operated between 190 °F and 220 °F. It is 50% N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) and 50% Ethanolamine (MEA).

Mineral Oil Seal

Used to replace dragged-out mineral oil from Jem Strip 427. Recommended when stripper is heated above 120 °F and a flash point of over 360 °F is required. It improves thermal insulation and reduces evaporation and odor.