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Jem Strip 427 is a powerful immersion
paint remover that is safe for people
and environment.

Paint Stripper Safe for the Environment and Your Crew

Biodegradable and non-carcinogenic, JEM STRIP 427 is easy on the planet and your workers. It contains no methylene chloride, phenyl or chromates and is free of elements that deplete the ozone. Because it doesn't emit a phenyl odor, your crew can give undivided attention to the job at hand. JEM STRIP 427 can also be recycled, which cuts your costs and helps the environment.

CLICK HERE for Jem Strip 427 technical data.
CLICK HERE for Jem Strip 427 tank maintenance.

Jem Strip 427 is an Immersion Paint Stripper:

Strips Metal, Wood and Some Plastics

Gets the Job Done Fast

Meets MILSPEC Standards